Edward Retta is a co-founder of Cross Culture Communications (CCC). He draws on social science research to develop targeted solutions for issues of intercultural business operations, leadership, management, and communications. 

Mr. Retta has lived in Europe, Africa, and South America. He has worked and traveled in over 50 countries. Under his leadership, CCC coached over 500 C-level global executives and led training sessions for top global brands and government agencies, including the US military and its allies. Edward speaks fluent Portuguese and Spanish. He is known for an engaging presentation style and no-nonsense, practical delivery. 

His civic volunteer experience includes Hispanic engagement, fine arts, and citizen diplomacy via the US Department of State. He also has experience lobbying in Washington, DC. He studied psychology, management, and cross-cultural ministry at Texas A&M University, Dallas Theological Seminary, and Oxford University. 

Edward Retta


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